Greg White

Bentonville West (AR) Boys’ Varsity Head Coach Greg White jumps on the pod with Mike and Jason for the second edition of “4 Quarters with Greg White”. In “4 Quarters” we will discuss four issues in the game of basketball that we believe are important for coaches and players! This episode features:

First Quarter: Making adjustments for the state tournament.

Second Quarter: Should you foul or defend when you’re up three in the final seconds?

Third Quarter: Is there value in a pre-game walk-through?

Fourth Quarter: How do stats and analytics impact coaching today?

We hope you enjoy this “4 Quarters” episode of the Hoop Heads Podcast with Greg White.

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2 thoughts on “4 QUARTERS WITH GREG WHITE #2

  1. Coach Mike,
    When you were up by three at Strongsville vs. Lorain Admiral King with 3 seconds left did you have a player on the ball guarding the full court pass? Listening to Greg White 4 quarters. Great stuff.

    1. Hey Dan,

      I honestly don’t remember. I definitely would have if I was replaying that scenario.

      I was at half-court and remember Gladden’s feet on the line when he shot the ball, meaning it was a two and the game was over even when he made the shot. Not that I’m STILL upset about it…lol. Thanks for listening.

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