Nick Graham

Nick Graham is regarded as one of the top player development specialists in the country. Basketball teaching is in Nick Graham’s DNA. He is a member of a basketball family. Nick played at Washington State for his father Paul and Brittany, Nick’s sister played at Georgia State. Nick grew up around college basketball and credited his dad’s tenure as an assistant coach at Oklahoma State for developing him as a basketball teacher. During that time Nick’s dad Paul along with his co-workers, Tim Jamkovich, Bill Self and Sean Sutton along with head coach Eddie Sutton groomed Nick to develop players on and off the court. 

Since 2008 Nick Graham Player Development has contributed to the development of thousands of players worldwide most notably, Jimmer Fredette, Trae Young, a handful of other NBA players and hundreds of Division 1 college players. In addition to on-court development, Nick has also assisted in developing players’ character and leadership skills off the court. 

Nick is set to release his first book, published by Lucid books, that is filled with basketball-themed Christian devotionals aimed at character development for competitive hoopers early next year. 

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Trust me when I say that you are definitely going to want to take some notes as you listen to this episode with Nick Graham, player development specialist.

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