Craig Campbell - Clovis West HS

Craig Campbell is the Girls’ Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Clovis West High School in Fresno, California. Craig just finished his 25th season and has won 601 games in his career. Under Craig’s  guidance, Clovis West has been one of the top teams in 3 point shooting in the state of California for the past 6 years and also one of the top in the country. Several D1 and D2 schools recruit shooters from Clovis West.

Clovis West is one of only 2 or 3 schools in California that teach hop shooting throughout their program and Craig considers it to be a  HUGE asset for his team and a key cog in their shooting success. Clovis West has 127 wins over the last 4 years including being selected #1 in the country in 2017. 7 kids received D1 rides from that team. Craig’s daughter, Madison, shattered all of Clovis West’s scoring and 3 point shooting records last season and was the first player in school history to be 1st Team All State all 4 years and was also an All -American her senior year. She will be a freshman at USC this fall.

Craig has a network of college coaches that he is constantly giving and taking shooting drills from and many D1 schools borrow his drills after coming and watching a Clovis West practice.

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