NBA Conference Finals Preview 2020

In this episode, Mike and Jason recap the collapse of the Clippers again and the fantastic performances of Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.  They discuss what happened to the Clippers and make predictions on the Western Conference Finals when Denver takes on the Lakers.

Mike and Jason then discuss game one of the Eastern Conference finals and the back and forth feel that the game had.  They discuss where Bam’s block ranks on the list of all-time great defensive plays in the playoffs before making their predictions on what will happen in the remainder of the series.  

They cap off the episode by discussing the newly opened coaching positions and where they think Mike D’Antoni is going to end up.

  • The great performances of Murray & Jokic
  • How much blame goes to Doc?
  • The Paul George trade in retrospect
  • Can Denver beat the Lakers?
  • Bam’s Block
  • Heat in 6
  • The coaching carousel and Mike D’Antoni leaving Houston and James Harden

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