Hoop Heads Mentorship delivers mentoring services to basketball coaches at all levels through our team of experienced Head Coaches.

Hoop Heads Mentorship will equip you with:

  • Practical, real world coaching experience
  • Understanding of the GROW Model for goal setting and action planning
  • Insight into how to facilitate high performance in individual players and your team
  • High level X’s & O’s
  • Knowledge to build a complete program
  • Focus on transformational rather than transactional coaching
  • Realization of your potential as a coach and an outstanding leader
  • Sounding board to help navigate and solve problems as they arise
  • A mentor coach that best fits the needs of you and your program
  • A customized experience based on your desired outcomes

Joining the Hoop Heads Mentorship Program is a $250 investment in yourself, your program, and your career.

Our Mentors

For just a $250 investment in the Hoop Heads Mnetorship Program you’ll be matched with an experienced coach that can provide practical, real world suggestions, guidance, and feedback!

A $250 investment in the Hoop Heads Mentorship Program gets you exclusive access to a personal relationship with an experienced mentor that can help transform your coaching and your career!


  • Exclusive special pricing on select Dr. Dish shooting machine models (up to an additional $500 off promotional pricing
  • 50% discount on the Sports Drill Book (Practice Planner & Drill Bank)
  • 35% discount on a team order of paperback copies of Raise Your Game by Alan Stein, Jr. (that’s just over $10/book) and 30% off the aligned Facilitator Guide and Team Member Workbooks.
  • 50% off any course or bundle from Alan Stein, Jr. at
  • Discount on Basketball Analytics for Studying Hudl Game Video Course from Analytics 4 Coaches (Founded by former NBA Head Coach Butch Carter)
  • 50% off an individual subscription to Honest Game – technology to ensure your student-athletes are NCAA and NAIA academically eligible to play college sports. Check out Honest Game here – Honest Game Product Highlights
  • If you purchase a team order of Shift Your Mind by Brian Levenson, Brian will do a 30 minute Zoom meeting with your team. Here is a link to learn more about Brian and his book Shift Your Mind
  • 50% ($330) Discount on Ganon Baker Basketball’s Player Development Curriculum. This comprehensive and systematic basketball curriculum shows players how to train and shows coaches and trainers how to teach!
  • $100 Discount on a team order of 15 copies of Why the Best are the Best by Kevin Eastman
  • 10% Discount on any ProCamps Basketball Camp
  • More partner organizations coming soon!

Hoop Heads Mentorship Program Partner Organizations

Kevin Eastman
The Grow Model