Joseph Harris II

Joseph Harris, II is the Founder of Illusion Institute Basketball based in Houston, Texas.  He is a Lamar University graduate with collegiate and overseas basketball experience.  Joseph is assisted by a staff with more than 12 years of experience in basketball, recruiting and financial aid for college. He has experience coaching players 1 on 1 and in a team setting from middle school to the varsity level. Joseph has a track record of consistently improving the teams and players he has worked with, and strives to help each student-athlete achieve their goals.  His goal is to help each student-athlete he works with make their high school varsity team ahead of schedule or play basketball at the college level.

Joseph has created The Scholarship Blueprint, an online course for student-athletes to complete with the support of their parents.  It serves as an excellent guide for players looking to achieve their dream of playing collegiate basketball.

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Get ready to learn from and be entertained by Joseph Harris, II creator of The Scholarship Blueprint and Founder of Illusion Basketball Institute in Houston, Texas.

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