In this episode of the podcast, Mike and Jason react to game five of both the Jazz/Nuggets and Mavericks/Clippers series while trying to put the performances of Luka, Donovan Mitchell & Jamal Murray into perspective. They also put a bow on the three series sweeps in the Eastern Conference, including the firing of Brett Brown. It appears the Bucks and Lakers have righted the ship and are back to being the favorites to meet in the finals. Finally, they talk about the Eastern Conference Semis match-up between the Raptors and the Celtics.

What We Discuss on this NBA Episode

  • Jazz/Nuggets & Mavericks/Clippers Game 5’s
  • Luka’s shot
  • Mitchell vs. Murray
  • Dame Time is over
  • What do the Sixers do?
  • Bucks and Lakers…still the favorites
  • Celtics/Raptors
  • Dort & Harden

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